Perfect fusion between interior and exterior - more light and more space.

Energy efficient and comfortable.
Thanks to the fact that a new generation multi-chambered PVC A-class profiles are applied in the window, along with a thermally insulated frame and 82 mm-deep sashes, and twin-chambered glass system, Schüco ThermoSlide doors provide a record-breaking low thermal penetration coefficient, which is compliant with the passive housing standard, Uw.<=0,8 W/(m2K). Uw coefficient with a value so low makes the rooms comfortable, with a pleasant, constant climate inside, energy savings and low costs of use. The above applies both in the winter, as well as in the summer, when the heat remains outside. The air conditioning system, which may be potentially used, will consume much less energy. Only the Schüco ThermoSlide system makes it possible to reach so high level of thermal insulation.

Solution without any compromises
High level of comfort in living rooms and energy efficiency is a perfect duo. Ergonomic, multi-chambered aluminum threshold, integrated with three thermal pads and foamed insulators, practically eliminates the “cold area” phenomenon in the floor zone. Innovative solution with three sealing planes provides top level protection from wind and rain. Thanks to the fact that the system uses new generation of profiles and hardware, not only do the Schüco ThermoSlide doors offer reliable protection against unfavourable aura, but they also offer sufficient level of anti-burglary protection, being compliant with the RC2 class requirements. Even in case of large size of the sashes, and in case of large mass, up to 400 kilograms, the doors are easy to use and functional. Moreover, the freedom of arrangement and wide selection of details constitute additional advantage of the design.



Schüco ThermoSlide lift slide doors may be easily tailored to the individual needs, providing a wide selection of opening variants and finishes. Schüco Lift-Slide doors provide timeless design, comfortable technology, excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to the fact that modern technologies have been applied together with high quality materials the doors provide safety, durability and they do not require complicated maintenance. Form, style, color and equipment - appearance of your home or interior depends on the needs and preferences of its inhabitants, within the areas of desigm, security and comfort.
Due to the systemic and aesthetic compatibility, the Schüco doors may be easily coupled with energy-efficient passive Schüco windows.


Special thermal inter-layer, integrated with additional insulators, is a preventive countermeasure against so called thermal bridges.

Flat threshold increases the comfort of use, and eliminates risk of accidental tripping.

Slim structure of the door and maximum sash dimensions provide comfort and optimal light access.

Three-layered insulation prevents the risk that a “cold area” is going to be present in the zone close to the floor.